Friday, February 12, 2010

Love and Happiness

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Readers, I'm Eve Alexander, author and editorial consultant. As you can tell by the title of my blog, I am a hopeless romantic that strongly believe in the power of love and happiness! My second written book entitled, "10 Commandments of Love" will be out April 29, 2010 It is a book of short stories written in the mother's wit/Dry comedy genre. Things your mother and grandmother told you but you forget to listen to.
My first written book is a mainstream Romance novel. I am looking for a agent to market it. I am also working between books three and four at the moment. I write romantic stories that deal with the tribulations and triumphs encountered in relationships, the boy meets girl kind, happily ever after stories. Being an avid reader with a soft spot for my characters believing in true love, I create characters who fulfill the personification of that belief.
Visit my blog often to find out the latest updates on the pursuit of bringing my publishing dreams to life. You can also find the latest writing tips that have helped me through the storm.

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