Monday, March 29, 2010

Giovanni's Woman

Giovanni’s Woman

I wanted to be a blade of grass amid the fields but you refused to be a dandelion.
I wanted to be like a robin singing amongst the leaves of the trees but you refused to be my tree
I spun myself into a web and looked for a place of rest but you refused to be my corner but instead chose to stand straight.
I tried to be a book but you wouldn’t read so I turned myself into a bulb and you still denied me growth
Finally, I decided to become a woman and you refused to be a man. That okay because I’m still going to become a woman even though you will not become a man.

What does this mean to me?

“She wanted to be a blade of grass and wanted him to be a dandelion,” suggest that she wanted to have freedom but she also wanted to be his support system. Grass grows along side of flowers but they don’t crowd the flowers out but allows room for growth.

“She wanted to be a robin singing though the leaves in a tree, but he refused to be her tree.” suggests that she would like for her man to be her resting place after a long day’s work or journey. Just as a bird who has traveled a far distance and sometimes from one place to another rests upon a tree before continuing on.

“She spun herself into a web looking for a place of peace but instead of being her corner, he stood straight.” Here the woman is in trouble or facing everyday problems or burdens of life and she looks to her man as a confidant but instead he turns away.

“She wanted to be a book but he wouldn’t read her then I turned myself into a bulb and you still denied me growth.” She tries to let him know how she feels but he refuses to make the effort to understand. She then humbles herself to him but he still denies her

Finally, she is tired of trying and wanting so she becomes a woman and doesn’t care if he becomes a man because she is tired of him making no effort to make her happy and she realizes that it is time that she made the effort to make herself happy.

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